Bandar Imam Khomeini

EST. 2020
Arad Star Lian
Bandar Imam Khomeini

Position: Long 49-04’ E / Lat 30-25’ N
Admiralty chart: 1269
Distance from Tehran: 927 Km
The Port is connected to Tehran and to other cities of the country by road, air and rail road.
Port capacities nominal: 28,000,000 Tons annual
Pilotage is Compulsory. The service is managed by BIK port authorities from Khor Musa pilot station up to the Inner Anchorage by canal pilot, and thereafter by berthing master to the Jetty. At the time of unberthing/sailing, this procedure is carried out in reverse order.
No limitation for LOA
Max Breadth: 42 Meters
Max Draft: 13 meters
Accommodation: Port is a land locked stream in which work can be carried out during all seasons and 24 Hours a day.
Quays and facilities for berthing vessels: Waterside platform is 7,000 meter long, capable of berthing totally 37 merchant vessels.
There are no LOA and Beam limitations for ocean-going vessels.
Drafts of jetties are variable between 27-46 feet.
Port Control: VHF on channels 13 & 16 (24 Hrs.)
Khor Musa Channel: 16 (24 Hours)
Khor Musa (Entry to BIK & Bandar Mahshahr)
Khor Musa Bar: Outer bar in position 29 O 59’ N / 49 O 04’ E and inner Bar in position 30 O 02’ N / 49 O 01’ E, reached 8 Km NW from pilot station.
Khor Musa Channel: after leaving bar, the approach channel is navigable for 2 ocean-going vessels at the same time with a length of 72 Km, width of 250-700 M and depth of 12 M.CD.
Channel is well marked with buoys and beacons.
Anchorage: Outer anchorage at Khor Musa & inner anchorage at BIK. Anchoring position has to be obtained from BIK Port Control.
Dry Cargo & Container Operations at BIK
Old Jetties 1-5
Not in use
Berths 7-10
Max draft 10 – 11.5 meters
No limitation on LOA, beam and air draft.
Berths 11-16
Max draft 12.5 – 13.5 meters
No limitation on LOA, Beam & Air draft. These berths equipped by 2 Gantry Cranes for Container and heavy cargoes.
Berths 17-24
Max draft 10 – 11.5 meters
No limitation on LOA, beam & air draft.
These berths equipped with 6 Rail Cranes.
Berths 25-34
Max draft 9.5 – 10.5 meters.
Berths 26-27
Normally used for chemical fertilizer cargo ships
Cranes at BIK
1 x 550 Tons Heavy Crane
2 x 140 Tons Heavy Cranes
1 x 100 Tons
1 x 85 Tons
4 x 25 Tons
6 x 15 Tons Rail Cranes
LPG Products and Chemicals at BIK
Latitude 30O 25’ N
Longitude 49O 04’ E
Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex (BIPC)
Active berths: 2
Max draft 12.5 meters – Max LOA 240 meters.
Commodities: C3, C4, C5, Benzene, PX, Propylene, Ethylene.
Razi Complex
Active berths: 3
Commodities: Ammonia, H2S, Sulfur, DEP, Urea
Terminal & Tanks Petrochemical Co (TTPC)
Active berths: 2
Commodities: Ethanol, MEG, Methanol