Our accounting team with up to dated tariffs of Iranian ports & terminal could provide the most accurate PDA/FDA at earliest possible time, please contact them at
Supply Services
Fresh Water / Bunker / spare parts & provision Supply are another part of port agent’s services in which Arad Star Lian shipping is fully expert & ready to respond to its customers’ inquiries at soonest possible time.
Inward/Outward Clearance
Inward Clearance should be performed for the vessels calling Ports & terminals minimum 72 hours before vessels arrival via port agent. This arrangement is very important for the smotth turnaround. Outward Clearance should be performed when vessels completed her Loading/Discharging & bounded for any destination. On time port agent’s arrangement definitely will save owner/charterer & vessel’s time & costs.
Crew Change
We at Arad Star Lian shipping could arrange crew change & repatriation with full details in the smoothest manner as we are registered in police & other officials. For this operation we will deal with ships owner’s manning department & vessel one week in advance in order to arrange full accommodations on time.
We take care of our crew so they can take care of your cargo.
Medical Services
Firstly, we wish health for all seafarers, but if anybody at ships being faced with illness/accident, we as port agent with our reliable accesses at shore will arrange immediate medical services for requested cases. Bring the patient crew to the shore hospital/medical treatments/returning patient crew to the vessel. Medical Services is one of the hard agency jobs which we at Arad Star Lian shipping will carry it out in the smoothest manner possible.
In some terminals specially oil & petrochemical terminals, the shippers have their own documentation procedure, but in some ports & terminals documentation should be arranged via agent based on owners’ demand. We at Arad Star Lian shipping are fully ready to issue BsL, Cargo Manifest & Statement of Facts as per document instruction & dispatch them to the parties concerned accordingly.