Cyrus Terminal

EST. 2020
Arad Star Lian
Cyrus Terminal (FPSO)


Marine Terminal” (FPSO CYRUS) located about 100 km from Iranian coast, and adjacent to the international boundary with Qatar at a water depth of 67 meters”. The offloading facility shall be capable of handling up to 320,000 DWT tankers.

LOCATION: 100 Km from the Iranian coast
LAT: 26º43´39.21” N   LONG: 52º04´12.97” E

The FPSO CYRUS has a processing capacity of 35,000 BLPD and total storage capacity of approx. 714,000 barrels of processed oil including the LTTF. This Marine Terminal consists of Floating Production, Storage and Offloading Vessel (FPSO) and the offtake pumps shall be capable of offloading 700,000 BBLS in 24 hrs.

Field – Fluid Properties
• Crude Gravity (API) Approx. 20.5
• RVP Approx. 12 PSIA
• BS&W max 0.1 % vol.
• Salt content max 15.0 PTB
• Oil Export Temperature 35°C- 40°C

No ship, support vessel, barge, launch or other vessel shall enter the FPSO CYRUS Marine Terminal Area without first obtaining the permission of the Marine Terminal. Only vessels that have been duly nominated in accordance with the Procedures for Scheduling Tanker Lifting and which comply in all respects with the Off-take Tanker Berthing Parameters will be permitted to berth for export lifting.

The Marine Terminal will send an email or fax to vessels intending to call at the Marine Terminal requesting pertinent information. Information is required prior to the vessel being cleared to enter the Marine Terminal Area.

Vessels calling at the FPSO CYRUS Marine Terminal shall advise the Marine Terminal of their estimated time of arrival (ETA) upon departure from the last port or, if at sea, as soon as orders are received to proceed to the Marine Terminal. ETA shall be repeated to the Marine Terminal and to the Ships agents with 72, 48 and 24 hours in advance of arrival.

Unless otherwise authorized by the FPSO CYRUS Marine Terminal, Off-take Tankers in ballast or in partly laden condition shall, upon arrival, meet the draft and trim requirements specified. Vessels sailing from the Marine Terminal with a part cargo must also conform to the above draft and trim conditions.

A vessel shall be deemed to have arrived when she is about 3 nautical miles EAST of the FPSO. After tendering NOR, if vessel is not berthing on arrival, then Master to note that anchoring is not permitted within the Field. Vessels awaiting berthing are to remain in a safe location with at least 3 nm clearance from FPSO or any Platform in the Field and always in VHF Ch.67/16 contact.
Every effort will be made to load vessels upon arrival, weather permitting. NOTICE OF READINESS will not be accepted unless the vessel is ready to load. The N.O.R. will be signed ”For Receipt Only” by an FPSO CYRUS Marine Terminal Representative. If it is subsequently found that the vessel was not in all respects ready to load due to, for instance, high oxygen readings (not more than 8%) in cargo tanks or excessive de-ballasting time or other proceedings for the nominated cargo, a NOTE OF PROTEST will be delivered to the vessel, which will automatically cancel the Marine Terminal’s initial acceptance of the N.O.R. In such cases, the vessel must prepare a revised N.O.R., cancelling the first one and stating a time tendered in accordance with its subsequent readiness.

Vessels to be moored only during daylight hours (minimum 3Hrs of daylight shall remain for Mooring operation to commence) at FPSO CYRUS Marine Terminal. Tanker will be boarded by Avantgarde Mooring Master with his assistant and other off take personnel (Client rep, Cargo Surveyors etc.). The Mooring Master will assist the Off-take Tanker’s Master in all operations activities within the berthing area such as mooring, unmooring, connecting and disconnecting the export hose, as well as control of crafts which render assistance to the vessel. All operations, such as making fast tugs, berthing and un-berthing of Off take Tankers will be carried out by ship’s crew in presence of ship’s officer. Hose connection will be carried out with ship crew under the Mooring Master/Asst. Mooring Master and one ship officer’s (deputed by the Master) guidance.

All maneuvering and berthing/un-berthing of tankers shall be done only in accordance with the advice of a Terminal Mooring Master, subject to the understanding that in all cases and circumstances the Master of the vessel will be solely responsible for the actual maneuvering procedures and the Mooring Master will be considered at service of the Off-take Tanker owners and in no case will be either responsible or co-responsible for anything that could possibly occur or not occur in consequence of such operations. Communication with the Support Vessels and the tugs will be done by the Mooring Master.

All communications relative to the loading of the Off-take Tanker shall be routed to the FPSO Cargo Control Room constantly via VHF Channel 67/16. In case of temporary breakdown in the communication, contact may be re-established on portable UHF radio provided to the Marine Terminal Pilot. maximum loading rate is 30,000 BBLS/hr. via 20-inch hose.


Dimensional limitations and other requirements for Off-take Tankers calling at the FPSO CYRUS Marine Terminal are established as follows:

Draft & Trim as per SOLAS / MARPOL
Minimum mean draft 2.0 + LBP * 0.002 (in meters)
Trim by stern not greater than LBP * 0.015 (in meters)
Full propeller immersion
Off-take Tanker minimum deadweight – As Per MARPOL
Cargo manifold flanges 20 inch ANSI (with or without reducer)
Cargo hose handling derrick / crane (OCIMF) safe working load 15Tons

Additionally, the following requirements apply to Off-take Tankers calling at the FPSO CYRUS Marine Terminal:
All cargo tanks must be inserted to IMO / SOLAS regulations Oxygen content less than 8 %.
Nil H2S must be present in cargo tanks less than 5 ppm
Off-take Tankers must have segregated Ballast Tanks and be capable of Loading and de-Ballasting simultaneously.
The loading vessel must have ability to maintain a minimum 33% of her summer DWT
Off-take Tankers must be fitted with OCIMF recommended bow chain stopper of tongue type or hinged bar type (AKD) to accommodate size 76 mm chafing chain.