Kharg Island

EST. 2020
Arad Star Lian
Kharg Island

Position: Latitude 29 14 N – Long 50 19 E
Admiralty Chart: 11
Time Zone: GMT + 3.5
Location: 30 km off the mainland coast of Iran(Part of the Bushehr Province)
Water Density: 1.030
Tides: In the range of 1.50 to 2.50 Meters.
Anchorage: Approx. 3 Nautical Miles Southeast of T-Jetty.
Medical Facilities: Available
Bunker: Supplied at all oil berths during loading.
Fresh Water & Provisions: Available.
Crew Change: Available, but not recommended.
Airport: Connecting flights to Tehran, Ahwaz, Shiraz and Bushehr. (6 days a week)
Pilotage is compulsory. Pilot boards vessel at anchorage.
Towage: Four to Six tugs of 4,500-8,500 HP
Working Hours: 24 Hours and 7 days a week.
Oil grades supplied at T-Jetty and Sea Island Berths: Iranian Light, Iranian Heavy, and Forozan Blend crude oils.


Situated at the East side of Kharg Island, T-Jetty is a 1836.4-meter “monopile-fendered” jetty, connected to the shore by a 1,219-meter bridge. With a depth alongside of 17.68 – 21.33 meters is designed to handle large tankers. T-Jetty consists of 6 berths, but at present only 4 berths (3, 5, 7, and 9) are fully operational.
Average rate of loading at T-Jetty varies between 3,500 and 9,000 MT/Hour depends on vessels request.
At T-Jetty, vessels are usually berthed on their starboard side. However, final decision will be made by the terminal for side of alongside.

Berth Max DWT (MT) Max Arr.Displ.(MT) Max Draft (Meters) Max Height of M.Folds (Meters) Number of Loading Arms
3 300,000 180,000 20.40 26,00 3×16”
5 300,000 180,000 20.70 22.80 3×16”
6 100,000 N/A 16.00 22.60 3×16”
7 175,000 150,000 17.10 22.00 3×16”
9 175,000 150,000 16.50 22.00 3×16”
10 90,000 N/A 14.00 22.00 5×12”

Situated at the Westside of Kharg Island, Sea Island consists of 3 operational berths capable of accommodating vessels of all sizes including ULCCs.

Berth Max DWT (MT) Max Arr.Displ.(MT) Max Draft (Meters) Max Height of M.Folds (Meters) Number of Loading Arms
11 500,000 250,000 30,00 31,40 6×16”
12 300,000 150,000 27,50 26,00 x16”
15 500,000 250,000 30,00 31,40 6×16”

At Berth No.11 vessels are normally berthed on their Portside and at berth No.15 starboard side, while at Berth No.12, they can be berthed either portside or starboard side.

Average rate of loading at Sea Island varies between 3,000-13,000 MT/Hour.

Early Departure Procedure (EDP)
Upon master’s request, vessel can sail Kharg Island on EDP basis, in which case agents obtain cargo loaded figures from terminal and inform the vessel and request for authorization from master to sign B/L and other relevant cargo documents on his behalf, within the maximum of 24 hours. In fact, to quicken vessel’s turnaround at Kharg Island, Early Departure Procedure
(E.D.P) is recommended.

Sulphur, LPG and Methanol At Kharg
Sulphur and Methanol is supplied by the Kharg Petrochemical Company (KPC) at Kharg Island captive KPC berth.